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Written by Brett Brewer   
Monday, 21 December 2009

I like to listen to various tech podcasts to help keep myself up to date with the latest happenings in open-source and PHP worlds. Two of my favorites are the FLOSS weekly podcast (Free Libre Open Source Software) with Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte, and the PHP-Abstract podcast . If you haven't checked out the FLOSS podcast, here's a great interview with Linus Torvalds to get you started. Every week FLOSS interviews a prominent figure in the open source world, or they interview the developers working on some interesting open-source project. Of all the general interest open-source podcasts out there, I think FLOSS is one of the best.

PHP-Abstract used to be my favorite PHP podcast before it was taken over by Zend, but it has become much more Zend-centric than it used to be. It's still informative though.

PHP-Architect also has an excellent PHP podcast that was somewhat sporadic for a while, but it looks like they are back to doing regular episodes so definitely check that one out too if you're looking for a decent PHP podcast. 

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