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Written by Brett Brewer   
Monday, 02 February 2009
On January 26th, Microsoft released a new version of their latest IE8 release candidate, RC1. According to the IE8 developer blog, there's been many improvements since the last beta, including better IE7 emulation, better CSS 2.1 compliance and many optimizations for handling AJAX design patterns, better introspection tools and many other goodies. Supposedly there's been a lot of work put into bringing the Javascript engine up to speed with the other browsers so that scripts which work fine in Firefox should theoretically work in IE8 without all the headaches of IE6&7's horrible attribute handling that forced everyone to put try/catch statements around everything to avoid triggering javascript errors when attempting to access undefined attributes in the IE javascript engine. I personally don't know why they don't just use the Mozilla javascript engine, which is what everyone else seems to be doing these days. It makes no sense to fork a common language like JavaScript...but that's another story. Sadly, you still can't install the IE8 Beta alongside your current version, but if you're willing to be a guinea pig or have no critical work that depends on IE6 or 7, head on over the the Microsoft IE8 Beta download page and get yourself a copy. Be sure to check out the IE8 developer blog for some more interesting information about the new version. 
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