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Mozilla Thunderbird Annoyance - setting a default sort order and grouping for your inbox. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brett Brewer   
Friday, 16 January 2009
I hate the fact that I constantly need to fix the default sort on my inbox every time I open Thunderbird. After much hair-pulling I discovered a seven year old bug report and feature request which I used to cobble together the solution below. I don't claim to entirely understand why this works, but it works for me in Thunderbird
You will need to fist open the following file:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\pref\mailnews.js

Somewhere in there, add the following line:
pref("mailnews.default_view_flags",64); //this will create a default setting to group the messages by sort type

Now open Thunderbird and go to Tools-->Options menu, click the "General" tab, then click the "Config Editor..." button. In the search box, enter "mailnews.default" to pull up the relevant settings. Then use the following chart taken from the mozilla bug tracker to set your preferred settings:

   byNone        17         byPriority    23      byLocation    29 
   byDate        18 *       byStatus      24       byTags        30 
   bySubject     19 *       bySize        25       byJunkStatus  31 
   byAuthor      20 *       byFlagged     26      byAttachments 32 
   byId          21 **      byUnread      27      byAccount     33 
   byThread      22         byRecipient   28      byCustom      34 
     * = commonly desired values
    ** = by Order Received (?)
   ascending   1
   descending  2
 view_flags -- the second group of values can be added to one of the first group
 to combine effects, with several limitations:
   Unthreaded       0
   Threaded         1
   Grouped         64  [mail only (?)]
   ShowIgnored      8  [news only]
   ShowUnreadOnly  16
   ShowExpanded    32  [doesn't seem to work]
 ShowUnreadOnly will check the View|Threads|Unread menu; this will cause only
 unread items to be seen, but doesn't force a threaded view.

To get a veiw that looks like the standard Outlook inbox where it displays messages by date and groups them into a collapsable view by date, use the following values:

mailnews.default_sort_order = 18
mailnews.defalt_sort_type = 2
mailnews.default_view_flags = 64

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