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Brett's first terrabyte! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brett Brewer   
Friday, 25 January 2008
Today marks another milestone in my long and expensive computer addiction. The local CompUSA is closing its doors for good, so today I added my first "Terrabyte Drive" to my network, bringing my total local online storage capacity up to around 4 Terrabytes. I picked it up on sale for $239 before tax. I can hardly believe it. A TERRABYTE for under $250. The enclosure alone is probably wirth $30-$50 (it's a nice aluminum enclosure).Technically the drive is not a true terrabyte drive since it's really just an USB2 enclosure from Iomega that houses two SATA drives in a JBOD configuration. Anyway, I probably should have waited and purchased a separate single-drive enclosure and a single 1TB drive which can be had from NewEgg for $250 as of today, but heck...this is a cheap terrabyte. My only real complaint is that is functions as a JBOD array instead of a RAID0 array, but at these prices, who cares!

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