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Written by Brett Brewer   
Sunday, 04 March 2007

Unabomber is the name of my musical persona. I've basically fiddled around with drums, bass and guitar since my teenage years and haven't got much to show for it because I never finish anything. I go through brief periods of inspiration on the rare occasion that I have time to learn how to use the latest audio recording software, set up my instruments, and record something random that I forget about when I get busy again. The whole physical recording process is such a colossal pain in the ass. It's part of the reason I'm gravitating more and more toward computer and tracker-based music even as I finally have the means to buy nice mics and really do things right. It's just so much easier to write asyncronously with a tracker or other sample-based music tool. With trackers, you can write a song and then leave it for a couple of months and come back to it where you left off in the creative process, It's easy to take a tracker file add a little to it without having to set up a recording studio or deal with huge batches of sound files that are a pain to transport if you want to play with them on your laptop while you're on vacation.  Tracker-based songs are totally self-contained and generally tiny.

Anyway, here you can find the archives of all the music I have "released". I haven't done much in the past few years, but will hopefully be posting some new songs soon. As mentioned above, I've been messing around quite a bit with MadTracker and Fruity Loops . I've gotten really into "chip music" lately and I'm having a really hard time believing that I went this long without knowing anything about trackers. For years I wondered how certain sample-based songs were created and assumed it was just some wizard with ProTools or Reason or Cubase or Acid. I'm realizing now that much of what I thought was produced in programs like Acid and Cubase was actually produced in various trackers, often on vintage Amiga/Atari/Commodore hardware, though that seems to be getting less common with the rise of PC trackers such as MadTracker. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the old stuff posted here and hopefully I'll be "releasing" something new into the world soon.

Unabomber - 14 Songs

Use the flash player to the right to listen to songs. Click the little arrow next to the song to download the MP3 file.  

  1. Unabomber theme song
  2. Jerusalem Cruiser
  3. Woke Up Today
  4. God Has No Name
  5. 100 Years [lyrics ]
  6. Uncle Sam (Brian Giblett on Drums)[lyrics ]
  7. Attack of the big fast mean cops
  8. She Turned On Me
  9. Here Comes That Man
  10. The Unfortunate Plight of the Monkey
  11. The Answer
  12. General
  13. She Hurts Me
  14. A Song (Brian Giblett on Drums, Ashley Grassia on Guitar me on Bass)

Other Songs

  • Silly Little Harlequin (real media format) - Take a 20-something college boy, mix in 2 quarts of Magnum (?) malt liquor, a home studio, and memories of high-school love lost, and this is what you get. This is one of about 8 songs whose source files were lost when I accidentally reformatted my Mac's audio hard drive in a futile attempt to get a stable OS 8.6 system I could record on. This was back before OSX once again made recording on Macs plausible. This is one of the only songs to survive, an early mixdown, in pathetic 56K RealAudio format. You may need to download the file and then open it with the RealAudio player. 
  • Get The Fuck Out - Back in the late 90's, I wrote this song to get people to leave my club (The Cow Haus) after last call. Some people just have the hardest time accepting the fact that they are not going to get laid tonight. Just go home dude. You're drunk and nobody is going to have sex with you. I feel for you, really I do, but get the fuck out. No, seriously, get the fuck out. 
  • Race Car - me learning drums while Nate and Loren (don't remember their last names) made some pretty cool sounds on guitar and sax respectively. 
  • The Sound of Death - A sonic tribute to Bruce Lee. 
  • Whoa Mix - Me trying to freestyle over some sick noise beats hand-tapped into a Korg DR-5. This was as nasty as I could make that drum machine sound. 

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