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Written by Brett Brewer   
Friday, 31 August 2012
This is just a quick post to plug the services of . I signed up with them a couple of months ago to use as the DNS provider for a high traffic ecommerce site after doing some fairly exhaustive research on the offerings from competitors. DNSMadeEasy is by far the most economical of all the large dedicated DNS providers. They are rock solid and have one of the largest, fastest, and most redundant networks of all the providers. You can get a small business account with them for just $29/year that includes 5million monthly queries for up to 10 domains, and vanity DNS (your own nameserver names). For $59/year you get 10million queries/month for up to 25 domains (an amazing deal compared to all competitors), and for $1499.95 you get 50million queries/month for up to 50 domains, plus some free phone support. If you need more queries for a particular service level you can buy them a-la-carte at a rate of 1million/month for $37.95/year, extra 10million/month for  $299.95/year, or an extra 20milliion/month for $524.95/year. So for instance, for one site of mine that requires almost exactly 20million queries per month, I pay a total of $583.95 per year! This gives me 30million queries per month for a grand total of $48.66/month, but paid by the year. The cheap accounts get only 24x7 web support, but no phone support without paying hefty support fees. However the web support has proven to respond quickly to all questions I've posed to them so far, usually within an hour. Not only that, they actually take the time to give very good and very specific answers to technical questions, unlike many many other tech support depts I've dealt with. I must say, that DNSMadeEasy has made managing the DNSes for my client's sites almost fun. Once you get to know their control panel, managing your DNS is truly easy, assuming you have a pretty good working knowledge of how DNS works already. For newbies, they have a ton of online tutorial videos in their help section that cover most DNS operations you are ever likely to need to learn. I was a bit hesitant to sign up for their service initially because I literally couldn't believe they could be as good a provider as most of the other major providers who charge 10x as much for the same services, but I'm glad I gave them a try before making a mistake of signing up with a more expensive provider. As long as you don't need to talk to their support on the phone, or are willing to pay for phone support, DNSMadeEasy will NOT disappoint you. If you do require the occasional phone support or help with the initial setup via phone, you can purchase Standard Phone Support billed at $85.00 per/hour during normal business hours, $190.00 per hour night/weekend, $290.00 per hour holiday. But from my experience you'll never need phone support unless you really don't know what you're doing with your DNS setup. So, feel free to use my affiliate link below (everyone who signs up with them gets one) if you want to give me a little referral credit for sending you their way....
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