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Written by Brett Brewer   
Friday, 17 December 2010

The email marketing world is about to be shaken up a bit by a new player with some disruptive pricing plans that may finally force the big players to start lowering their prices. PHPList has been the defacto open source standard for managing mailing lists for as long as I can remember, but as a self-hosted solution, it is often difficult to maintain deliverability. Commercial hosted solutions tend to have much better deliverability than self-hosted solutions because commercial providers maintain strict anti-spam compliance and have relationships with the major email providers and ISPs to ensure that their messages get through spam filters so long as senders comply with anti-spam regulations. Email marketers almost ALWAYs want to break the rules, so if you run a self-hosted solution, it's often impossible to comply with anti spam regulations because the people calling the shots tell the people controlling the software to break the rules. Virtually every person I've ever worked for has wanted to break the email marketing rules/laws at some point. So going with a commercially hosted solution has the secondary benefit of taking that decision of anti-spam compliance out of the hands of your potentially irresponsible clients. Unfortunately, most of the major players in the commercial email marketing space have priced themselves right out of many people's range. They charge ridiculous rates for anything over a few thousand users. Enter PHPList's new hosted solution .

The pricing is less than half of what the nearest commercial players are charging. They claim to have relationships with the major email providers and ISPs and maintain a very strict anti-spam compliance, in fact you have to go through a trial period where they monitor your sending behavior and then slowly grant you increased sending priviliges. Their most expensive pricing tier is just  $180 for 100,000 messages per month. Still not cheap, but it's way cheaper than the alternatives. I have yet to find any commercial service that even advertises a pricing tier with a monthly sending limit over 100,000, which seems odd because it's easy to build a list with over 100,000 users these days. One site I work on just got 40,000 new signups from a 1-week promotional campaign. If we send out two messages per month we'll go over the limit for most commercially hosted programs. So I'm looking forward to seeing how well the hosted PHPList service works and whether the prices stay at their current levels over time.

If you're looking for some alternatives to PHPList, you might want to check out this article, which lists "The Top 8 PHPList Alternatives ", though I'm not sure if they are really THE top 8 alternatives, it might give you some good ideas.  

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