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Written by Brett Brewer   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010
My Droid "Incredible" arrived yesterday. So far it has lived up to almost all my expectations. One of the first things I did was check out my own web site with the built-in Chrome browser. I went straight to my music section to see if Steve Jobs was right about Flash not being viable for smartphones. Well, my Flash based audio player works fine. Too bad for all you iPhone users out there....Flash works fine on a mobile OS. Strike another victory for open source platforms. Steve Jobs can get bent. According to him, I should have to waste my time rebuilding a 5 year old web page just becuase his OS can't play back the single most ubiquitous media format ever invented? Me, rebuild a page for the iPhone that has been working fine on every other platform for over 5 years? I think not. Apparently Steve Jobs' hubris is just as vast as his genius and when he's wrong, he's big-time wrong. Every day now I'm seeing further proof that Google is going to teach Apple the same lesson Microsoft tried to teach them a decade ago. Don't piss off developers...embrace them and make their lives easier. Too bad Steve Jobs was so busy blazing new trails in digital movie making at the time that now he doesn't remember what happens when you start dictating things to developers from high atop an ivory tower. They leave and make your competitor's products way better, really fast...faster than you would believe if you didn't witness it yourself.  So, despite having a few good points in his anti-Flash tirade, Steve Jobs has basically only disserved himself and Apple by disrespecting one of the single most influential groups of technologists on the planet -- veteran web developers.  Johnny-come-lately web developers out there seem to think HTML5 will magically work better than HTML4 which still isn't even fully implemented in the newest browsers, while those of us who have been around a while know that Flash is the single most ubiquitous piece of software ever distributed and is a totally viable and useful platform for a variety of purposes. Even if nobody ever made another Flash video, Flash would still have dozens of other uses for which there is no other ubiquitous alternative. It's not going away now any more than it was when Adobe tried to kill it with SVG and "Live Motion" a decade ago...they ended up buying Macromedia just to own Flash and then they completely fumbled the ball by failing to address some of its shortcomings. Now, if anything, I see Microsoft Silverlight being a bigger threat to Flash than HTML5  over the near term for the same reasons that Flash did so well....precisely because it's closed offers a way for developers to implement things in a web browser that couldn't be done before due to inconsistent implementations of competing technologies by the browser makers. It will be no different this time around with HTML5. HTML5 will result in a more fragmented market for a while. Maybe in 5 years it will work right in 80% of browsers. Flash won't be disappearing, at least not in the near term. You're gonna pay Stevie and so will your stockholders and your increasingly sandboxed iPhone/iPad userbase. As for me, my money is on Google and the Android platform.
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