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  • Mobile Devices  ( 2 items )
  • Chip Music  ( 2 items )
    News and info regarding my new favorite genre of music.
  • X-Cart  ( 2 items )
    News related to my work with the X-Cart php-based ecommerce system. I have been working with and customizing X-cart for various businesses since 2002, with clients in the US, Canada and the UK.
  • Dreamweaver Extensions  ( 1 items )
    News and announcements about my Dreamweaver Extensions and PHP /MySQ server behaviors.
  • Adobe Flash and Flex Programming  ( 3 items )
    Articles on Adobe's Flash and Flex technology. I have been using Flash since it was still called "FutureSplash" and I'm just starting to get my feet wet with Flex since it seems that many of the new Flash jobs out there require experience with Flex. Hopefully the online Flex docs will turn out to be less of an abomination than the online Flash docs have been for the past 10 years. Do I sound bitter? Hey, I still love Flash, I'm just saying that compared to the online PHP docs, they are practically useless. I will document my Flex studies here in hopes that it will be beneficial to other Flash pros who are making the switch to Flex and AS3. 
  • Science & Technology  ( 7 items )
    Random articles on topics related to science and technology.
  • Web Technology  ( 22 items )
    Stories on random internet-related topics.
  • PHP  ( 9 items )
    Articles on PHP and related web technologies.
  • News About Brett  ( 3 items )
    General happenings in the life of Brett Brewer.
  • Business News  ( 3 items )
    Brett's take on various aspects of internet business and technology.
  • vBulletin Plugins  ( 2 items )
    News about mods, products and plugins I have created for vBulletin.
  • Joomla Module & Extension Fixes  ( 2 items )
    This category contains fixes for various Joomla extensions and plug-ins I've used. It seems that extension developers have a hard time pulling everything together to make a bug-free extension, so when I see simply fixes to things, I will post them here and whenever possible, notify the developer.
  • Latest News  ( 2 items )
    The latest news about Brett Brewer.
  • Political News  ( 1 items )


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