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A random assortment of sites I think are cool.
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The "Go" programming language blog
"Go" is a new programming language being developed by some smart folks at Google. It is meant to be as powerful as C++ without all the baggage, and accounting for more modern programming paradigms introduced by dynamic languages such as PHP, Java, Pe
This the the place to start when it comes to anything having to do with DVD ripping, video compression, encoders, decoders, etc. Most of what I know about ripping and encoding I learned here.
Music from BBS The Documentary
After scouring the site and not finding links to the music used, I emailed the director, Jason Scott, who pointed me to this page where all the audio from the movie is available. Good free listening material here!
Open Culture Weblog
A cool repository of free audio books.
A friend's blog, covering science, politics and random personal stuff.
Because some people should die, there's Offers distributed internet prayers to solicit the god of your choosing to bring about the demise of people you hate.
A site for people who hate babies. Buy anti-baby merchandise and support the anti-baby revolution.


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